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100 % PURE Wild Harvested - alcohol free, No chemicals, NO PULP WOOD, no additives farm direct - A Wild Crops Farm -


A healthy start in in healthy forest!

It starts on pristine, remote,& wild lands and with the natural alchemy of plants, water and soil. We work in healthy forests, rich in biodiversity. We harvest in places where & there are often times a hundred different species, all interwined and interacting chemically. This wild, naturalinteraction between speciesto produce some of the best medicine plants on earth. In competingfor light and nutrients wild plants grow stronger than those row cropped, or cultivated in a field or garden.

Grows wild and healthy

Guided by generational wisdom personal&experience, and modern science

Our harvests are perfectly timed for the maixium phyto chemicals in the plant. Sometimes, flower heads have so much oil that it could litereally be squeezed out by hand. We know the proper time to pick each species very thoughtfully plan our year's production based on&the perfect timing.

Guide: No plant before its time or after its prime.

Distillation Method

We seperate the living plant material from the boiling flask. No dumpting plant material into a can of boiling water, here!

We are grateful to Gary @ heart magic, who has worked with us since the begining!

The following comes from Gary's Distillation site.:

Maintaining the entire biocontainer at exactly boiling temperature (100c) during production is very important for obtaining maximum quality and quantity of both essential oil and hydrosol. For big systems this usually isn't practical. Big remote steam-fed bio-chambers are usually just sitting out in open air, which by definition allows their walls to be cooled by that air, so some water condensation on the inside of those walls is always going to occur.

Any water that ends up in the biocontainer robs you of potential hydrosol, and also renders any biomaterial it comes in contact with undistillable, and the biomass touching the chamber walls may not get properly distilled at all.
It's a difficult problem... insulating the biocontainer is an answer, but costly and physically cumbersome. Also, in large steam-fed distillers that use separate steam generators, there a continual dance of controlling pressure and temperature of the steam going into the biochamber- tricky to get right.

We've come up with a deceptively clever way around all of keep the biocontainer dry and insulated and not have to hassle with steam pressure or temperature, we simply put the entire biocontainer inside of the boiling chamber!!
Quite different than simply chucking the biomass into the same vessel as the boiling water, we build an entirely separate housing inside of the boiling chamber, and then put the biomass in that "inner" housing.
It makes sense... this way the entire biocontainer is surrounded inside and out by 100 degree steam- Thus the entire system works at exactly 100 degrees c, and the biocontainer stays dry because it cannot condense any water on it's walls.

We do not strip the forest. There is no roller chopping, skidding, or destruction on ouSEE OUR lands.

Compare our harvest to industrial witch hazel harvests.

We are fair trade:

Our harvesters make $150.00 or more a day and are paid by the lb not by the ton.


We use human and animal power to bring

fresh witch hazel herb out of the forest.

Why certified wild crop organic witch hazel


Hand Harvested fresh leaves distilled pound for pound with pre distilled water. 100% pure witch hazel hydro sol no alcohol, no preservatives - shelf life depends on how often the bottle is opened - up to 3 years.

I find the shelf life depends a great deal on keeping the product sealed.  Recommend to transfer in to smaller units all at one time, so as not to open and reopen bottles or bags.

Hamamelis virginiana  folium


250 Gallons of Witch Hazel for 2017 Harvest

 LEAVES Just Leaves - WHY ?

Chose your size of real, alcohol free witch hazel hydrosol distillate the only place to find REAL, Fresh witch hazel 

             (NO PULP WOOD)

2 oz  Sampler - $9.95

$24.95    1 Pint 

$99.95    96 oz formulator
$499.95    5 Gallon Pro


100 % REAL pure Hamamelis virgininia L twigs and folium(leaf)

Witch HazelHydrosol 100% Fresh Leaves!

100% Pure Our witch hazel is 100% botanically certified and alcohol free. Sustainably harvested, distilled, blended on our wild crops farm. Fragrant and powerful. Incredibly fresh - the new Spring 2016 harvest just in! No additives, no preservatives, no alcohol.
This Witch hazel is distilled at a 1 to 1 ratio - 1 pound of fresh leaf - to one pound of final product.
Contains only witch hazel and distilled water.
To make witch hazel INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) add 14% alcohol.
Not intended to treat or cure any disease or condition of the human body, non- witch hazel USP. No additives, no preservatives,
100% witch hazel Hydrosols
Premium Spring Harvest and Distillation   2016.
Your body collects moisture that can produce odors when you have worked hard. Or maybe, you need to be able to just refresh yourself after a work out. The witch hazel merges with your energy in a natural way and the essence works with your personal

We do things the right way, slowly and in small batches.

Worker Harvesting Witch Hazel for Distillation the same day!! 100% Fresh Leaves and Twigs

2017 Harvest  

Hamamelis virginiana L. ramunculus (twigs), ramus (branches) et folium (leaves) steam distilled pound for pound.

Lemon Balm Co-distilled with Witch Hazel WILD CRAFTED 100% Pure.

This is one of the most wonderful products I have ever produced.When you make a cake, you cannot pull out the eggs any longer. This statement explains co-distillation.  In putting two plants, witch hazel and lemon balm, into the distiller we blend them together so that they are one.  Others might add essential oil to industrial witch hazel and it simply not the same.  Our lemon balm is wild harvested from a local property and taken right to the still and layered in with witch hazel leaf . Pre-distilled water is used and the ratio of 1 lb per pint remains true. Extremely refreshing and calming - a complete winner .Our witch hazel is 100% botanically certified and alcohol free. Sustainably harvested, distilled,   on our wild crops farm. Fragrant and powerful. Incredibly fresh - the new harvest just in! No additives, no preservatives, no alcohol. Contains only witch hazel,wild harvested lemon balm and distilled water. In stock.  This product is not made from pulp wood, like commercial witch hazel and is nothing at all like the industrial version in the grocery.
2 oz: $9.95       16 oz (1 pt): $29.95       96 oz: $95      


Yarrow Flower E.O

100% Flowers - no leaf or stem

   100% Pure Flowers no stem, no leaf Flowers no stem, no leaf

$44.95    15 Mils .50 oz Yarrow Essential Oil
   100% Pure Flowers no stem, no leaf Flowers no stem, no leaf

$99.95    1 oz Yarrow Essential Oil
   100% Pure Flowers no stem, no leaf Flowers no stem, no leaf FLOWERS

$750.00 16 oz,pint    1 pint Yarrow Essential Oil
   100% Pure Flowers no stem, no leaf Flowers no stem, no leaf

100% PURE Pinon Pine Cone Essential Oil



Leaves home forest Fresh and safely clean for pets, children and your food

100% Pure Monarda FLOWERS, no leaf, no stem

1 MIL Monarda a

lso called BEE BALM $7.50
100% Pure Flowers - NO LEAF, NO STEM

   15 Mils .50 oz Monarda Fistulosa Essential Oil
   100% Pure
$99.95    1 oz Monarda Fistulosa Essential Oil
   100% Pure Flower E.O.
$750.00 16 oz,pint    1 pint Monarda Fistulosa Essential Oil


Hand Harvested WIld Plum FLower Hydrosol = SPring time


Amazing lively sensual fragrance, 100% Natural, hydrates refreshes uplifts spirits


$9.95    2 oz Tester
$24.95    1 Pint !

$125.95    96 oz formulator
$599.95    5 Gallon Pro
100% pine cone hydrosol from pinon pine tree
              100 %Made From Pinon Pine Cone



     PINON PINE CONE Hydrosol

Excellent for car window - put in your glove box and have both aromatherapy and an effective non-toxic cleaning product. Throw away the toxic, mass-produced harsh chemicals and try a 2-oz bottle of 100% natural, clean pinyon power for your surface cleaning needs. This starter 2-oz spray bottle has been designed for easy cleaning applications: easily remove grime and dirt buildup on your car windows, on mirrors and counters. Gently mist your flat surfaces with our cleaner of 100% natural pinyon pine hydrosol. This is perfect for anyone with a smoker (medicinal or tobacco) in their home or car. Leaves a gentle natural essence of pinyon lingering in the air as opposed to an overhanging ammonia smell. Fully natural and produced by Goods From The Woods - A Wild Crops Farm from our pinyon pine cone and nut harvest. Product mirrors the traditional pine waters or pine sols that were naturally manufactured prior to the advent of synthetic ingredients.


   2 oz Tester
$19.95    1 Pint !

$94.95    96 oz formulator
$499.95    5 Gallon Pro

Elderflower Hydrosol

$9.95    2 oz Tester
$19.95    1 Pint !

$94.95    96 oz formulator
$499.95    5 Gallon Pro

Honeysuckle FLOWER Hydrosol

100 % Flowers


Honeysuckle HYDROSOL 100% PURE & HAND CRAFTED Amazing fragrance. Honeysuckle combines its sumptious exquisite smell with a plethora of folk-medicinal uses. Freshly hand harvested, 100% pure floral essence. 100% PURE & WILD. Purse size 2-oz spray or bulk 16-oz refill. Absolutely unique. BUY MORE AND SAVE BIG.

   2 oz Tester
$19.95    1 Pint !

$94.95    96 oz formulator
$499.95    5 Gallon Pro

  Monarda Fistulosa Flowers, aka Bee Balm, Horsemint Hydrosol

100 %  Fresh Flowers

  $9.95  2 oz Tester
$19.95    1 Pint !

$94.95    96 oz formulator
$499.95    5 Gallon Pro

Chocolate Mint Herb and Flower Hydrosol

   2 oz Tester
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$9.95    2 oz Tester
$19.95    1 Pint !

$94.95    96 oz formulator
$499.95    5 Gallon Pro

Yarrow FLOWER - 100% flowers Hydrosol

$19.95    1 Pint !

$94.95    96 oz formulator
$499.95    5 Gallon Pro